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Searches are normally performed with "may contain" words. A match requires any of the words entered to be present on the page.

You can search for pages which contain a specific word by prefixing it with a plus (+) sign. Only pages which contain that word will be shown.

You can ignore all pages which contain a specific word by prefixing it with a minus (-) sign. Any page that contains that word will not be displayed in the search results.

You can search for a specific phrase by enclosing it in double quotes ("). Only pages that contain that exact phrase will be shown.

All search words are not case sensitive. Matches will be found in the page title, keywords, description and body text.

Search String Results will contain pages that:
lion tiger contain either the word lion or the word tiger (or both)
+ lion + tiger contain both the word lion and the word tiger
lion + tiger contain the word tiger. If the page also contains the word lion it may rank higher in the results list.
+ lion - tiger contain the word lion and not the word tiger
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