How To Make A Claim
  1. Call 1 866 677 4366
    • Your preliminary information will be collected
    • A call-back will be scheduled for collecting your claim information
    • You will receive a confirmation email or letter
  2. Collecting your claim information
    • You can complete this by phone or mail
    • Only the executor of the estate (for a life claim), or insured/power of attorney (for a disability claim) can complete and sign forms
    • The information collected:
      • Life Claim
        • Date of death
        • Cause & manner of death
        • Mortgage information (payment amount and mortgage number)
        • Lender details (including name and address)
        • Treating and family physician information
        • Health card number
      • Disability Claim
        • Date of disability
        • Employment information
        • Mortgage Information(payment amount and mortgage number)
        • Lender details (including name and address)
        • Physician information (including current medications)
        • Health card number
        • Employment statement
        • Lender statement
    • Status emails or letters will be sent every 30 days until all information is collected
  3. Your bridge payments commence (if the claim is for life insurance)
  4. The claim process
    • Documents will be ordered to aid the claim decision
      • Examples of documents for life claims
        • "Attending Physician's Statement" (APS) - confirmation of death
        • Coroner's report
        • Discharge statement
        • Hospital request
        • Lender statement
        • Medical history
        • Police report (if applicable)
        • Provincial medical records
      • Examples of documents for disability claims
        • "Attending Physician's Statement" (APS) - confirmation of disability
        • Hospital request
        • Medical history
        • Police report
        • Provincial medical records
    • You can check the status of your claim online via a link that will be sent to you by email
    • Once all documents are received, a decision is typically made within 3-15 business days
  5. The claim decision
    • You will be sent notification by either mail or email within 48 hours of the decision
  6. Payment
    • For life claims, the lender is paid once the decision is complete
    • For disability claims, the benefit is paid monthly, for the length of the benefit payment period as determined by the claim decision.
    • Your payments will be confirmed if an email address is provided
I'm making a LIFE INSURANCE claim I'm making a TOTAL DISABILITY claim
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